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Surfing Lessons

Why surfing is so attracting? Under bright sunshine, into the deep-blue ocean, wait for the next wave from the horizon line and catch it, ride it in an exciting speed.

Come to join in our surfing lessons and explore the charm of riding waves by yourself.

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At entry level lesson 1, you will learn:

Basic surfing skills eg: paddle / sit on the surfboard and turn the direction of the surfboard / catch and ride on the wave. Surfing manners and safety notice.

Coach to 3 students in maximum and 2 parts will be went through in sequence:

① Coach will explain the surfing manners / safety notice / surfing skills and show the example at the beach.

② With accompany of our coach, you will practice the skills in the ocean.

Time Length: 2 hours (Cut down 15 mins every 1 student is reduced)

Time Period: 10:00 - 12:00 / 15:00 - 19:00 (Winter 14:00 - 18:00)

Cost Including: 1 coach teaching fee / 1 soft surfboard / 1 wetsuit or rash-guard (surfboard & surfing suits could be used the whole day)

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Every coach is a real surf savvy

We’d like you enjoy the thrill of riding waves with the guide from professional and real surf savvy! Each of our coaches has been equipped with advanced surfing skills and unique teaching style. Some of them even ranked a-list in professional surfing contests.

Big Bird

A former skateboarding pro with12 years’ experience. Awarded and sponsored due to excellent results in skateboarding contests. Started to surf from 2011 and fell in love with it.


Graduated from mechanics major in Canada but chose to be a free surfer at Riyue Bay after a surfing travel here. Looking forward to surfing worldwide with more advanced surfing skills. Btw, I’m also skewed to reading and free diving.


Surfing generates not only thrill but the close immersion with ocean & nature. Longboard surfing doesn’t require above average energy, then you can enjoy the peaceful and elegant experience. Come to enjoy long-boarding with me!


Travelled from the northern inner land to the southern island and always be happy. Tried varied of outdoor sports e.g. horse-riding / climbing / hiking and surfing. Sports always brings me happiness! Based in Clearwater bay and TsingTao in summer.


Longboard master. Familiar with all the surfing sports in Riyue Bay and surfed at other spots e.g. Shenzhen / Sanya / Canggu & Kuta & Airport reef in Bali. Generally a silent guy but shows black humor if you have some drink with me.


Surfing is the most natural sports to me and give me a new target after I quit from dancing club. Still on the way to improve my surfing skill since it’s a endless path to master new maneuver. Favored of sharing with friends and my students.


A former soldier and started to surf 2 years ago. Won the 4th place in the 9th Surfing Hainan Open fresh surfers section (Surfing within 2 years). The most popular surf coach to the most naughty kids students.

Ocean Dragon

Once was a painter, a drum player but became a surf coach now. My name fulfills my father’s expectation while it’s fated to myself.


A real Riyue Bay local. The one who knows the most of the waves in Riyue Bay. Surfing is a best channel to free myself and get rid of all bothering. I’d like to improve surfing skill through contests and sharing. Love to share with you if you come here to surf.


Once a marathon lover. Surfing lets me to find new thrill and peace. At the first 3 months of surfing, I can surf over 6 hours per day. Practice makes perfect!

Brother Min

You can never lock the birds each feather of whom shines the glory of freedom! I’m the one in favor of freedom from Tianjin.

Xiao Lin

In short, come to surf with me!

Wan Shun

A tolerant friend in life but quite a serious coach in surf teaching.


Chose to surf in my gap year. I’m your boy, Tim.

Da Fei

Possibly the best gym coach in surfers. Welcome to surf with me and I can give you guide not only on surfing but muscle training. Based in Clearwater Bay.

Long Wei

Quitted high-pay job as a cooking chef after surfing and chose to become a full-time surfing coach. But never leave cooking behind and maybe the best chef in surfers.


Outgoing personality but rigorous teaching style. So I can’t stand speak quite specifically to my students. My motto is enjoy yourself the way you like. Based in Clearwater Bay.

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