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Hainan is China’s surfing paradise with our 3 destinations:

1. Chong Hai Shop located in Riyue Bay Main Left gathering the most local and international surfers in China.
2. If you're also a skateboarder, the Riyue Island Shop at the southern end of Riyue Bay is equipped with a newly built bowl.
3. The "clear water bay shop", 46 kilometers south of the Riyue Bay, has a fine beach and a comfortable Surf inn.

Outside of Hainan island, you can also surf:

4. "Tsingtao shop" is our first attempt outside of Hainan. If you want to experience surfing in city, you can enjoy summer in Tsingtao.

Chonghai Shop

Hainan Wanning

Surf Lessons | Restaurant & Bar | Party | Movie & Music | Surf Gear Rental & Retail

Locating the best wave spot in China and hosted many local & WSL/ISA surfing competitions. It offers the most comprehensive surfing gear and plenty of inns around you can choose from. Yes, there are also western restaurants and bars for party!

Riyue Island Shop

Hainan Wanning

Surf & Skateboard Lessons | Inn | Surf Gear Rental & Retail

Not far from the Chonghai shop. But we will still offer shuttle transportation for you between shops. With a newly built bowl, it’s growing a new playground for skateboard players. The shop also equipped inn at upstairs. Quite convenient for your surf holiday.

Clear Water Bay Shop

Hainan Lingshui

Surfing Lessons | Inn | Surf Gear Retail & Rental | Food & Drinks

At 18 degrees north latitude which is the most beautiful latitude in the world, the perfect scenery is the name card of clear water bay. With the world's top natural beach and average 3ft wave, this is a place for surfing beginners. IT also hosted 2017 WSL mens short board contest.

Tsingtao Shop

Shandong Tsingtao

Surfing Lessons | Surf Gear Rental

To say that China still has the best sea wave like Hainan, Tsingtao must be on the list. Maybe you are closer to Tsingtao, which is your ideal choice! Limited by water temperature and wave condition, we are open only from June to October.

Hard to decide?

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