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Surfing Hainan Open

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Jan. 2009

The 1st Surfing Hainan Open was hosted at Nanyan Bay (north at Riyue Bay). Only 2 players was from China among 40 players in total.

Nov. 2009 The 2nd event changed the competition spot to Riyue Bay.

Major international surfing brands started to sponsor the event and more professional & legendary surfers join in the competition e.g. Wingut in Endless Summer 2/Mark Mathews from Australia.

The 3rd O’NEILL Surfing Hainan Open was a turning point historically.

ASP members noticed the possibility to host ASP events in Hainan and introduced SWATCH women’s longboard champion to Riyue Bay. That’s really pushed surfing to a new stage in China.

The 4th Surfing Hainan Open was sponsored by Billabong and Riyue Bay was still selected as the competition spot. After party on the beach became a tradition from this year.

Skullcandy continuously sponsored the 5th & 6th Surfing Hainan Open hosted at Riyue Bay. The number of players has grown into new level, especially as for Chinese surfers. Over 10 media was attracted to do live report.

The wave in 2013 was the highest within the past years. Meanwhile, this was the first time Hainan Surfing Pioneer Team gave their performance after 1 year of training.

The 7th Surfing Hainan Open was sponsored by O’NEILL again.

Big wave master Mark Mathews from Australia came to join in the event to show the skilled surfing maneuver and share his experience.

"The 1st time I came to China back to 2010, few of people surfed. But now, more and more people enjoyed the happiness in the waves from my observation. I believe that surfing will root in China as a new home."

2015 Tribord Surfing Hainan Open

At the noon of the 1st contest day, it started to rain hard. As all surfers know, the wave would get cleaner after storm. The weather provoked stronger passion to players.

After rain stopped, the rainbow appeared which was like a celebration to the event.

Nov. 2016

The 9th Jalenboo Surfing Hainan Open attracted over 70 local and foreign players to join in. With the support from Wanning government and sponsors, the event was successfully finished one more time.

Mar. 2018

The 10th Jalenboo Surfing Hainan Open is waiting for you.

Keep an watchful eye on the latest update, we’ll open registration here.

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